Saturday, 22 January 2011

22nd January, 2011. Birling Gap

Sea-watched from 07.45-09.15, Overcast cold with N2 wind:

Red-throated Diver 5E, 1 on sea
Great Crested Grebe 1E, 1W, 2 on sea
Fulmar c.8
Gannet 10E, 5W, c.40 on sea
Cormorant 7W
Teal 3E
Razorbill 296E, 210W, 5 on sea
Guillemot 3E, 3W
Auk sp. 50E, 20W
Lesser Black-backed Gull 3 adult intermedius
Greater Black-backed Gull c.100
Common Gull c.800
Black-headed Gull 35W, c.30 on beach
Kittiwake 4E, 5W
Curlew 1E, 2W

Greater Black Back, Common & Black Headed Gulls on the beach.

2 Adults & 1 1st W. Greater Black Back Gulls.

1st W Greater Black Back Gull.

Greater Black-backed Gulls at Birling

Great Crested Grebes off Birling