Tuesday, 1 February 2011

1st February, 2011 Birling Gap. Overcast, mild WSW 3-4

Two hour sea-watch between 07.40 -09.40. Large impressive passage of Auks moving chiefly during the first hour, although small numbers were still moving when we left:

Red Throated Diver 3 on sea.
Diver Sp. 16 E (most were probably Red Throats)
Great Crested Grebe 2 W
Fulmar 5+
Gannet 160 (151 W & 9 E).
Cormorant Flock of 20 landed on sea off Birling.
Kittiwake 30
Auks: 350 E & 2,205 W of which 1500 W during the first hour. Approx. 600 i/d as Razorbills of which 80% were still in winter plumage but only 10 Guillemots were identified. The birds moving E, were much further out.