Thursday, 22 December 2011

Beachy Head 2011 Summary No.7

To continue with the annual summaries and I will now deal with the Raptors


2011: Spring: Recorded on 7 dates from 27/2 (2 soaring over the Cattle Fields), to 25/4 (1). Just 8 birds involved. Summer: 2/7 1 near Birling, which may suggest local breeding in Friston forest. Autumn: Recorded on just 5 dates from 27/8 to 15/9 involving 7 birds. Per B.H.Log
(No repeat of the exceptional Autumn of last year when 10 were recorded on a single day).

2011: 3/1 1, Spring: Recorded on 8 dates mainly singles but 2 on the 25/4. Breeding: probably took place in the Holywell/Whitbread Hollow area. Autumn: Recorded virtually throughout the Autumn, with daily maximums of 4 on several dates. Per B.H.Log
(There were none seem arriving in from the sea or leaving out to to sea, and no real noticeable mid-September passage).

2011: An exceptional year and I have listed all the sightings which I know about:

8 Mar 1 S from East Dean, then soared above the cliffs gaining height before heading out to sea S @ 12.40. JFC DRC PN MN
26 Mar 1 over Cow Gap drifted off E. RDME
27 Mar 1 Over Birling & drifted off NE. DC & BK
5 Apr 1 seen from Hodcombe RHC
6 Apr 2 seen from Hodcombe RHC
7 Apr Up to 12 seen from Hodcombe with 8 in the air together. RHC.
8 Apr 2 In field E of Chat Vale & then drifted off E. RDME, JFC, DRC, RHC.
11 April 1 drifted W over Top fields. JFC, DRC, RKH, RHC
17 Apr 1 over the Old Trapping Area PN & MN
24 Apr 4 in air together opposite Shooters Bottom DC. Et al
25 Apr 3 including 1 leucistic individual DC & RHC
19 June 1 flew over Hodcombe & headed off E RHC
27 Aug 1 over the Top Fields RHC
Per B.H.Log
(Needless to say, by far our best year ever, and I wonder if this will now become an annual event, with the good numbers now breeding in Southern England. From 1960 to 1990, just 6 were recorded at Beachy, in the 1990's a further 5 were recorded, when the first wing-tabbed birds were seen. A further 8 were recorded between 2000 to 2010. Thirty were logged this year not allowing for duplications, and this now bring our total since 1960 to 49).

2011: An average year: 27/8 3 over the Top Fields (with 1 seen by RHC & 2 others photographed. ME, JFK,GG) & 10/9 1 over Shooters Bottom went out to sea and was photographed by R. Izzard. Per B.H.Log

2011: Just recorded on three dates as follows: 10/5 1 arrived in off the sea opposite the Hotel Garden, 21/8 1 over the Top Fields, & 15/9 1 over the Headland. Per B.H.Log
(A disappointing year, with just two seen during the Autumn, although we have had some blank years in the past).

2011: 8/9 1 off Birling Gap (RHC) & 10/9 1 S went out to sea from Belle Tout (GG & SL). RHC also had a further 2 birds but full details not know. Per B.H.Log
(An above average year with 4 sightings, and our best year since 2000 when 6-7 birds were seen in association with the Honey Buzzard influx).

2011: An average sort of year: None logged during the Spring. Autumn; Recorded on just 8 dates from 29/8 to 9/10, mainly singles but with 2 on 3/4 dates. Per B.H.Log

2011: Recorded throughout the year mainly at their usual breeding sites, with the maximum logged on any one day was 4. Breeding still around 3 pairs and a number of juvenile birds were seen on the Headland during the Autumn. Per B.H.Log

2011:None logged during the Spring. Autumn. Singles recorded on 12 dates from the 1/9 to 19/11. Per B.H.Log

2011: Jan-Feb: Singles seen on 3 dates, Spring: Singles recorded on just 7 dates.
On the 9/3 1 bird arrived in off the sea.
Odd birds recorded on 5 dates in July, but breeding not suspected. Autumn: Frequently recorded throughout the Autumn but mainly related to 2 juvenile type birds around the Top Fields. The maximum seen on a single day during the Autumn was just 3. On the 10/10 1 was seen to arrive in off the sea. Per B.H.Log
(A poor year with no noticeable influx recorded in mid-September. In the late 1960’s it was considered that the area held 3 breeding pairs).