Saturday, 27 October 2012

27 Oct 2012 Beachy Head Fine sunny but cold NNE 5-6

Very cold weather with a strong NNE wind made birding very difficult. We met up with JK at Birling and covered the lane, Belle Tout gully & wood and Shooters Bottom, also met up with PN, RK, and Patrick & Hannah Lanaway.

Another strong passage of Woodpigeons with smaller numbers of finches etc. 4 Goosanders ( 3 drakes) moved E over the cliffs and a Merlin chasing the Linnets in the rough field.

Met Office view
Closely spaced isobars across the UK indicate strong winds. Following the isobars back to their origin, shows that the air is coming form the arctic, bringing cold conditions across the UK and much of northwest Europe. A trough near northeast England indicates an organised area of heavy, wintry and sometimes thundery showers.

Red Throated Diver 1 on the sea off Birling
Common Scoter 1 female off Birling
Goosander 4 (3 drakes and 1 female) E
Sparrowhawk 2 (1 high E).
Kestrel 1
Merlin 1 chasing Linnets in the rough field.
Golden Plover 1
Stock Dove c30 moving with Woodpigeons
Woodpigeon c3,500
Skylark 8 E
Swallow 23
House Martin 14
Alba Wagtail 15 chiefly E
Black Redstart 1 1stYr.
Stonechat 4
Fieldfare 5
Mistle Thrush 3
Song Thrush 8
Chiffchaff 2
Goldcrest 6
Firecrest 1
Jay 3
Jackdaw 200 E
Starling 2,000
Chaffinch 52 E
Brambling 10
Goldfinch 130 E
Siskin 1
Redpoll 6
Corn Bunting 6