Saturday, 10 July 2010

10th July, 2010.Beachy Head

Paid a brief visit to the Headland with Doreen & David chiefly to look for butterflies & orchids and we recorded the following: Very good numbers of Pyramidal Orchids in the Old Trapping Area with some more near Belle Tout wood. Also 1 Spotted Orchid & the Lizard Orchid. Good numbers of Marbled Whites and Small Skippers and 2 Dark Green Frits.
A flock of Gulls resting in the field at Birling produced several Lesser Black Back Gulls and 1 juvenile Yellow Legged Gull, which quickly departed from the resting flock and eventually headed west towards the Cuckmere.

Poppy field at Frost Hill.

Fungi in Belle Tout wood

Pyramidal Orchids in the Old Trapping Area.

Small Skippers