Sunday, 22 April 2012

22nd April, 2012 Beachy Head Overcast cool WSW4 decreasing to 2

We sea-watched from 06.20-07.10 and were joined by RDME. We then covered various sites on the Headland including the Cliff Path and we also met up with PN & RK:

Grey Heron 1 over Chat Vale
Common Scoter 7 E
Kestrel 1
Peregrine 2
Sandwich Tern 1 E
Collared Dove 2 over Icky Ridge
Tawny Owl 1
Swallow 2
House Martin 6 N (our first for the year)
Lesser Whitethroat 1 (our first for the year)
Common Whitethroat 7
Blackcap 3
Chiffchaff 4
Willow Warbler 1
Tree Creeper 1
Raven 1

Lizard 1

Wall Butterfly 1
Dingy Skipper 1
Small White 1
Speckled Wood 2

Dark Edge Bee-fly 1

Early Spider Orchid 1 in flower
Early Purple Orchid 2 in flower

Rainbow scene taken from the Hotel Garden

Ringed Chiffchaff along the Cliff Path

Female Stonechat holding territory at Birling

Our first Early Purple Orchids

Early Spider Orchid

Dingy Skipper along the Cliff Path

Dark Edge Bee-fly along the Cliff Path