Wednesday, 30 January 2013

30 Jan 2013 Beachy Head Sunny periods cool WSW 5-6

We sea-watched from 07.55-09.25 and were joined for some of the time by RKH.

Red-throated Diver 45 (34E, 10W & 1 on the sea)
Great-crested Grebe 2W
Brent Goose 20E
Oystercatcher 21 on the beach at Birling.
Curlew 2
Auk Sp. 10E & 3W

Monday, 28 January 2013

28 Jan 2013 Beachy Head Sunny mild cloud cover 1/8 SW4

Bob covered Birling lane, and then walked to Belle Tout gully and onto the wood and back to Birling, with the milder weather most of the Thrushes appeared to have departed:

Sparrowhawk 1
Fieldfare 6
Redwing 6
Song Thrush 1 (41 recorded in this same area on the 25th).

RHC recorded from Hodcombe approx. 1,000 Fieldfares, at the start of the cold spell, but also didn't record any Woodcocks etc.

I have recently downloaded on the following web-site: the following trip reports with pictures, for those who may be interested:

ARGENTINA (Which is in two parts).

Friday, 25 January 2013

25 Jan 2013 Beachy Head Overcast cold E 1-2

Carried out a sea-watch from 07.45-09.00 and then checked Birling lane, the gully at Belle Tout, Belle Tout wood and rough field. An impressive and close flock of 52 Red-throated Divers were present on the sea off the B/T gully but only stayed a few minutes before they all took off and departed out to sea.

Red-throated Diver 119 (63E, 3W, & 1 on the sea plus flock of 52 on the sea and then departed SW) 
Great-crested Grebe 1E
Gannet 4E
Common Scoter 1E
Auk Sp. 316 (267E & 49W)
Guillemot 1 close in on the sea
Razorbill 32E
Skylark 120 in field
Rock Pipit 3-4 Birling
Blackbird 12
Fieldfare 41
Redwing 13
Mistle Thrush 3
Song Thrush 41

Fieldfare at Cornish Farm

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

22 Jan 2013 Beachy Head Overcast cold snow laying. E 2-4

With large numbers of Fieldfares moving in the cold weather yesterday in West Sussex, we decided to visit Beachy this morning. No real diurnal migration other than 30 Redwings E, although there were reasonable numbers of Thrushes on the ground. We covered the area around Birling, walked right through B/T field and back to Birling, B/T wood, The Old Trapping Area and Hotel Garden:

Sparrowhawk 1
Peregrine 2
Lapwing 20 around Cornish Farm
Common Gull 200
Skylark 150
Meadow Pipit 5
Rock Pipit 3
Fieldfare 120
Redwing 85 (Flock of 30 E).
Song Thrush 35
Blackbird 10
Linnet 2

Redwings around Birling

Cold weather influx of 35 Song Thrushes

Rock Pipit at Birling

Friday, 18 January 2013

18 Jan 2013 Beachy Head Overcast cold with snow SE 2-4

With a SE wind and snow spreading along the South coast from the West Country, we decided to pay a quick visit to Birling where we sea-watched from 07.55-08.55 and then had time to check Birling area and Belle Tout wood before the heavy snow arrived. Sea-watch was fairly slow with just small numbers of divers and auks, and no sign of any cold weather movement at the sites which we covered.

Red-throated Diver 13 E
Great-crested Grebe 7 E
Gannet 2 E
Curlew 1
Auk Sp.67 E (only 6 i/d and all were Razorbills).
Common Gulls 400 on the sea off Birling and all were adults.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

13 Jan 2013 Beachy Head Sunny periods cold NNE 1-2

Sea-watched from 07.55-10.00 and we then walked Birling lane, through Belle Tout field and wood before returning back to Birling. Other than the sea-watch, very little evidence of any cold weather movement.

Red-throated Diver 40 (36 E, 1W & 3 on sea)
Great-crested Grebe 4 E
Fulmar 7
Gannet 120 E
Little Egret 1 E a little way out to sea and appeared to be moving.
Brent Goose 242 E
Shelduck 8 E
Wigeon 1 on sea
Teal 1 E
Common Scoter 9 E
Velvet Scoter 1 E
Kestrel 1
Peregrine 1
Great Skua 2 E
Common Gull 250+ in fields at Birling
Auk Sp 655 E (c20 were i/d as Razorbills).
Skylark c200+
Rock Pipit 1
Song Thrush 3
Raven 3

Bob and Sarah went into Whitbread Hollow and had a Kestrel, Tawny Owl and 2 Jays.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1 Jan 201Belle Tout lighthouse3 Beachy Head Fine, sunny & mild W2

We sea-watched from 08.15-09.20 and then walked Birling lane and along cliff edge to Belle Tout lighthouse and wood and then walked back to Birling via the rough field. Generally very few passerines present and didn't see any House Sparrows or Blackbirds on our walk.

Red-throated Diver 2 E
Fulmar 5
Gannet 3 W
Shelduck 1 W
Wigeon 8 on sea
Velvet Scoter 4 E @ 08.40
Common Buzzard 1 sat on wall
Kestrel 1
Curlew 4
Black-headed Gull 40 W
Kittiwake 6 W
Auk Sp. 1 E
Skylark 70 in field
Rock Pipit 2-3
Stonechat 1 male
Goldfinch 15 

Beachy Head Lighthouse on a beautiful 1st January, 2013.

Exmoor ponies at Birling.


Kestrel on the cliff edge.