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2017 Summary of records taken from the Beachy Head log Part 1

Summary of bird records for 2017 from Beachy Head. These records have been compiled by JFC from his own and a few reliable local observers records, and with special thanks to Bob Edgar for his detailed reports from Whitbread Hollow. Unfortunately, I have only received a few details for Hodcombe which I have included in this summary and therefore the majority of the migrant numbers which pass through Hodcombe are not included in this summary.

Sea-watching during the 1970's and 80's were carried out by a number of dedicated observers over many hours often lasting all day, with often double figures of observers watching during the week-ends. With the loss of the sea-watching hut, we only now have 2-3 observers regularly watching during the Spring, and usually only for part of the morning. Also the few observers we have are now OAP's, including myself, with our eye-sight now deteriorating.  We were able to pick out Little Gulls and Little Terns moving past some way out a few years ago, but sadly now the majority of these now slip through unrecorded.


 Red-throated Diver
2017 Jan-Feb: Recorded on 11 dates from 17/1 4 to 24/2 (1). A total of 911 E with daily maxs: 14/2 403 E, 15/2 110 E and 16/2 153 E. A number of birds were also seen sat on the sea or moving W, but are not included in the above totals.
The 14/2 is our second highest daily total since 1960.
Spring sea-watches: Recorded in low numbers on 17 dates from 10/3 (1 E) to 12/5 (1 E), with a total of 117 E with the daily max of 68 E on the 28/3. . Per B.H.Log
Autumn: Virtually no sea-watching carried out during the Autumn with just 4 (3 E and 1 on the sea) on the 6/12. Per B.H.log

Black-throated Diver
2017: Jan-Feb: 3/2 1 w/p E @ 07.30 (close in with 1 Red-throated diver), 13/2 (1 possible E), and 14/2 1 E @ 08.25 (Close with 6 RT Divers).
Spring sea-watches: Recorded on five dates: 22/3 1 s/p E @ 07.35 (Close with 1 RT Diver), 29/4 1 s/p E, 30/4 2s/p E, 11/5 1 E and 12/5 2 E. Per B.H.Log

Great-crested Grebe
2017: Jan-Feb: Recorded on 10 dates with a daily max: 14 Feb 32 (7 E and 25 on the sea including party of 13).
Spring sea-watches: Recorded on 13 dates from 1/3 (1) to the 30/4 (1) with a total of 25 seen during this period. Per B.H.Log

2017: 14/2 15E
Spring: March up to 12 seen on the sea off Birling, but then numbers declined with only 4 seen on the sea off Birling during May. Per B.H.log.
Autumn: Odd birds logged on 5 dates from the 22/7 (1) to the 6/12 (2) Per B.H.Log

2017 Jan-Feb: Daily maxs:  28/1 153 E, 14/2 105 E
Spring sea-watches; Max. movements: 30/4 160 E, 12/5 277 E. and 10/6 185E & 22 W.
Autumn (virtually no sea-watching carried out during this period)  Max numbers logged during this period: 31/7 60 E and 6/12 60 E. Per B.H.Log

2017:  Odd birds seemed to be present throughout the year. On the 13/7 a party of 7 high in the sky moving W. off Birling  . Per B.H.Log

2017: Spring: 20/4 1 off Whitbread Hollow (LP), 22/4 Hollow (LP), 22/4 8 (4 on the sea off Cow Gap and whilst watching these 4 W (JFC), 29/4 1 E and 12/5 1 E. Per B.H.Log
Our highest daily total was recorded on the 3/1/1965 when a party of 21 moved East.

Little Egret
2017: Jan-Feb 3/1 (1) and 20/1 (1).
Spring: Recorded on five dates with daily max of 6 on the 27/5. On the 12/5 1 came in off the sea and flew off inland over the downs. Per B.H.Log
Autumn: Recorded on 14 dates from 4/7 to 31/10 but never more than 3 on a day Per B.H.Log
Little Egrets were first recorded from Beachy Head on the 11/5/1991.

Great-white Egret
2017: On the 23/4 an Egret Sp. Flew E off Birling but was to far out for specific i/d, but it was also seen earlier going past Splash Point and was i/d as a Great White. Per B.H.Log
We have had 4 previous records, with one probable.

Grey Heron
Spring recorded on 4 dates: 14/3 and 15/3 1 at Birling, 12/5 2 soaring over B/T and 29/5 2 soaring high over Cornish farm.
Autumn: Just single birds seen on a few dates. One present in the set-a-side field near Birling.
Per B.H.Log.

White Stork
2017: 2/9 2 high over Whitbread Hollow drifted off N at 10.20 (RDME et al) probably were introduced birds by the Knepp Estate who now have a number of free flying birds. Per B.H.Log.
Two previous records from Beachy Head of singles in 1976  and 1986.

Grey Goose Sp.
2017: 29 Apr 1 E @12.00 (possible Pink-feet) (JFC) Per B.H.Log

Dark-bellied Brent Goose
2017: Jan-Feb: Recorded on 6 dates from 17/1 (7E) to 18/2 (240E) A total of 718 E with a daily max: 15/2 315E and 18/2 240E.
Spring sea-watches: A total of 4,293 +718 seen in Jan and Feb = 5,011 on 28 dates in total. Daily maxs: 28/3 2,045E and 9/4 745E. Per B.H.Log
Autumn: 28/9 24 E. Per B.H.Log

Brent Geese moving off Birling.

Pale-bellied Brent Goose
2017:  28/3 1 E with D.b.Brents (PC, RDME, JFC)
Our 11th record since 1960 Per B.H.Log.

Barnacle Goose  
2017: 1/2: 2 circled Birling Gap in the fog at 10.30 (LP).
Our 6th record since 1960. Per B.H.Log

Canada Goose
Small numbers recorded on just three dates Per B.H.Log

Egyptian Goose
2017: 11 Mar 2 E off Birling @ 06.37. (JFC, RAB, LP etc) Per B.H.Log
Our 3rd record for Beachy Head.

2017: Jan-Feb: Just a single bird E on the 16/2.
Spring sea-watches: Recorded on 14 dates with a total logged of 67 E with a daily max of 30/4 26 E. A pair were seen prospecting in the B/T area on 3 dates from 30/3 to 5/4. Per B.H.Log

2017 Jan-Feb: 25/1 (2E), 15/2 8E and 18/2 (7E). 
None recorded on the Spring sea-watches, or in the Autumn.  Per B.H.Log

2017: Spring sea-watches: 30/3 2E and 9/4 4 E. Per B.H.Log.

2017: Spring sea-watches: Recorded on four dates: 11/3 1 E, 8/4 8E, 9/4 17 E and 23/4 3 E.
Per B.H.Log

2017 Just a single record  of 3E on the 25/1. None logged on the Spring sea-watches. Per B.H.Log


2017: Jan-Feb 13/2 (6E) and 18/2 (3E). Spring sea-watches: Recorded on 4 dates: 11/3 4 E, 27/3 2 E, 30/3 9 E and 30/4 4 E. Per B.H.Log

2017; Spring sea-watches: Recorded on 4 dates from 22/3 to the 30/4 with a total of 14 E.
Per B.H.Log.

Tufted Duck
2017: Spring sea-watches: 9/4 A party of 10 E.
Our largest party and day count to date. Per B.H.log

Greater Scaup
2017: A party of 8E with Common Scoters on the 28/3. Per B.H.Log.

2017 9/4 1 drake E 
Our 18th record since regular recording commenced in 1960. Per B.H.log.

2017:Spring sea-watches: A total of 43 with 24 Feb 4 E @ 07.45 (1 sub ad male and 3 females),      14 Mar 10 E (7 drakes, 2 sub adults and 1 female), 28 Mar 2 on the sea (pair), 29 Mar 7 E (3 males,    1 sub-male and 3 females), 30 Apr 1 female E,  1 May 19 (flock of 18 E and 1 on the sea) .
After two poor years in 2015 and 2016 it was good news that a larger passage was noted this year. Our best year was in 1982 when 202 were logged on the spring sea-watches.  Per B.H.Log.

Common Scoter
2017: Jan-Feb: Recorded on 7 dates from 3/1 (3W) to 24/2 (39 E). A total of 100 E during this period.
Spring Sea-watches: Recorded on 32 dates with a total of 7,208 E from 7/3 to 10/6 (61E).
Daily maxs: 28/3 2019 E, 9/4 1,072, 29/4 1052.  Per B.H.Log.
Our best Spring movement occurred in  1979 when a total of 19,319 moved E with an  unprecedented peak of 13,293 E on 8/4/1979.

Velvet Scoter
2017: Spring sea-watches: Recorded on 8 dates from 15/2 (1 E) to 12/5 (4E). A total of 133 E with daily maxs: 28/3 56 E (parties: 2,1,10,18,9,8,8), 9/4 27 E (parties: 1,1,5,13,4,3), 24/4 21 E (parties: 2,2,15,2), 30/4 15 E.
Our best Spring total this century.  Per B.H.Log.

Velvet and Common Scoters moving past Birling.

Red-breasted Merganser
2017:Spring sea-watches: Recorded on on just five dates: 18/2 3E., 27/3 2E, 28/3 7E, 8/4 2E and 9/4 2E. A total of just 16 E.
Our worst Spring to date. Per B.H.Log.

Summary of records taken from the Beachy Head log Part 2

Part 2
Honey Buzzard
2017: 26 Aug 2 (1 SE over Went Hill at 10.50 and 1 E over Crowlink @ 12.45, photos LP and JP)
15 Sept 1 juv Headland at 12.50 went S out to sea photo (SL and GG)
3 Oct 1 juv S out to sea at Birling at 08.18, photo (RDME and Mark Mallalieu) Per SOS web-site.

Red Kite

2017: Spring: Recorded on 9 dates from 9/3 (1 over the Headland) to 2/6 (3 on the Headland, with a total of 15 individuals with a daily max: 24/5 5 over the Headland).  Per B.H.Log.

Marsh Harrier

2017 Autumn : Just singles recorded on three dates, 2/8 1 juvenile, 15/9 1 over the top fields and 1 on the 17/9. Per SOS web site.

Hen Harrier

2017: 17/4 1 A male in off the sea @ 0805 and headed N. Photos (LP). Per B.H.Log.

2017: Spring: Recorded on six dates from 1/4 to 21/5 mainly singles with 2 on the 12/4. Autumn: Recorded on 21 dates from 24/7 (1) to 15/11 (1), with a total of  37 bird-days, with 3 on the 9/8, 26/8, and 27/8, and 4-5 on the 24/9. Per B.H.Log.

Common Buzzard
2017: Spring: Recorded on 18 dates with a daily max of 8+ on the 6/3 and 5 on the 16/4. On the 13/4 2 were seen with 1 displaying and on the 23/3 a very dark individual was seen.
Autumn: Recorded on 15 dates from 8/7 (1 in Whitbread Hollow), to 1/11 (2). Maxs: 27/8 6-7 over the top fields, 2/9 party of 5 over the top fields, and on the 15/9 and 17/9 10 were over the top fields.. Per B.H.log

2017 Spring:: Recorded on 18 dates between Jan to May although most records related to a single male bird often seen in the Cornish Farm area. Two  were seen on the 22/4 and 23/4.
Autumn: Recorded on 27 dates between July to Nov with 3 on the 5/8 and 4 on the 17/9 .
A single male was present almost throughout the year but no actual sign of breeding in the area.
Per B.H.Log.

Kestrel hovering over the Cliff Path.

2017: Spring: A female was present at Crowlink on the 16/4 and 17/4. Autumn: Singles recorded on 9 dates from 24/8 to 25/10 all from the Headland and may very well have related to just one individual.  One was also seen over the top fields on the 10/12.
Just odd birds have been seen previously in December. Per B.H.Log

2017: Spring:  One was seen over Birling @ 08.40 on the 9/5 and had probably arrived in off the sea. Also informed  by RHC that he had seen three different birds around Hodcome during May.
Autumn: Singles were recorded on just 6 dates from 6/7 to 6/10.
Generally a poor year for this attractive falcon on the Headland. Per B.H.Log

2017: Spring recorded from Jan-May. Again at least 2 pairs and probably 3 pairs present on the cliffs from Seven Sisters to Icky Ridge. Autumn: Odd adult birds were seen over the Headland from July to November, but immature birds seemed in short supply. A pair were present around Icky Ridge on several days. . Per B.H.Log

Up close to an adult Peregrine at Birling

Red-legged Partridge
2017: Spring: Up to 5 seen usually in the field opposite Belle Tout wood, although odd birds occasionally seen elsewhere on the Headland throughout the Spring. Autumn: On the 13/7 1 was seen in the Cornish Farm field and on the 14/8 an adult with a full grown young was present near Belle Tout wood. .  Per B.H.Log

2017 Spring: Daily max: 24/3 (6). No proof of local breeding and just odd birds seen during the Autumn. Per B.H.log.

Water Rail
2017: One present in Whitbread Hollow from 26/10 to 3/11 Per B.H.Log.

2017: Spring: Recorded just in small numbers on the Birling beach with a daily max of 10 on the 10/3, and just small numbers seen during the Autumn. Per B.H.Log

Ringed Plover
2017: 13/7 1 flew over the headland and 27/8 1 heard calling over the headland Per B.H.log.

Little-ringed Plover
2017: 28 Mar 1 in off the sea @ 06.57 and headed off inland (RAB and JFC)

Our 13th record., and our first March record. Per B.H.Log.

Golden Plover
2017 Autumn: Recorded flying over the Headland on four dates: 27/8 (1), 15/9 (1), 17/9(3), 27/10 (7). Per B.H.Log.

Grey Plover
2017: Spring sea-watches: 30/4 31 E. Per B.H.Log.

2017: 6/4 1 in field opposite B/T wood. . Per B.H.Log.


2017: Spring sea-watches: 30/4 55 E. Per B.H.Log.


2017: Spring sea-watches: 30/4 2 on Birling beach, 12/5 5 E. Per B.H.Log.


2017: 27 Aug 3 flying over the headland. Per B.H.Log.

Common Snipe

2017: 11/8 1 high W over Birling. Per B.H.Log.

2017: 2/1 1 flushed Whitbread Hollow, and 28/1 1 flushed Whitbread Hollow, 30/10 1 flushed from Shooters Bottom.. Per B.H.Log.

Bar-tailed Godwit

2017: Spring sea-watches: 23 Apr 8 E (plus 525 E in the evening mainly in 2 large flocks a long way out and were considered to be Bar-taileds), 29 Apr 119 E, 30 Apr 60 E.
A small improvement with the Spring numbers this year, assuming the numbers seen on the 23/4 all relate to Bar-taileds. Per B.H.Log


2017: Spring sea-watches: Recorded on 12 dates with a total of 111 from 8/4 (1) to 22/5 (1 heard calling). Daily maxs: 23/4 (41 E), and 24/4 18 E. 24/7 1 heard calling. Per B.H.Log.


2017: Spring: Recorded on 11 dates between Jan and May with 8 E on the 4/3, 9 W on 11/3 and 7 E on the 14/3. Per B.H.Log.

Common Sandpiper

2017: 2/7 3 on Holywell beach. Per B.H.Log.

2017: 30/4 (3). Per B.H.Log.

Pomarine Skua
2017: Spring sea-watches: Recorded on 5 dates with a total of 95 from 23/4 to 12/5.
Daily totals: 23/4 18 E, 24/4 1 E, 30/4 53 E, 1/5 11 E, 12/5 12 E .
Another reasonable Spring and follows on nicely with the 99 seen last Spring. Per B.H.Log.

Pomarine Skua off Birling

Arctic Skua
2017: Spring sea-watches: Recorded on 12 dates from 28/3 (5E) to 27/5 (1E). A total of 92 were seen with daily maxs: 23 Apr 12 E, 24 Apr 11 E, 29 Apr 20 E, 30 Apr 18E  and 1 May 11 E.
An improvement from the last two Springs when numbers seen were poor.
Our best Spring to-date was in 2012 when 301 were logged with a record day total of 153E on the 25/4. PerB.H.Log.

Great Skua
2017: Spring sea-watches: Recorded on 7 dates with a total of 35E from 27/3 (1E) to 12 May (1E). Daily max: 23/4 (12E) and 29/4 (8 E).
Autumn: Singles recorded on the 10/10 off Birling, 20/10 1 high inland seen from Shooters Bottom photo, and  29 Oct 1 off Cow Gap.
An improvement in the Spring passage numbers from the last two Springs.  Per B.H.Log.

Little Gull
Spring sea-watches:  Recorded on 6 dates with a total of 117 E from 28/3 33 E to 12/5 (1x1stS. E). Daily maxs: 28/3 (33E), 9/4 (26E), 23/4 (53 E in 2 hrs. during the afternoon). Per B.H.Log.

Black-headed Gull
2017: Spring sea-watches: Movement logged on 16 dates with a total of 955 with  Daily maxs: 11 Mar 250 (200 at dawn and 50 on sea), 13 Mar 300 Birling Per B.H.Log.

Mediterranean Gull
2017: Spring: Recorded on 21 dates with a total of 475 from 16/2 (2 ad’s s/p E) to 27/5  4 E,  (2 ad’s and 2 2nd cy.). Daily maxs: 28/3 (15), 9/4 21 E, 22/4 30 E(including a flock of 22), 23/4 270 (268E and 2 on the sea). 29/4 84 E
Autumn: .With virtually no sea-watching this Autumn, it was only recorded on four dates; 10/7 5 (4 ad’s on Birling beach and 1 E), 25/7 3 ad’s W, 31/7 1 ad w/p E, 1/8 1 ad w/p feeding off shore.
Another record Spring, and how this species has increased this century. On the 23/4 a new day record although if our sea-watching had gone on all day the true count would have been around 500 (the number seen passing Seaford Head). Per B.H.Log.

                                           Party of Mediterranean Gulls moving off Birling.

Common Gull
2017: Spring: Generally fairly small numbers seen in the fields at Birling during the early months. On the 11/3 200 were present in the Birling area, and on the 21/3 70 were on the sea off Whitbread Hollow. On the 1/4, 100 E off Birling including both adults and 1stW birds.  Per B.H.Log.

Lesser Black-backed Gull
2017: Spring: 15/3 2 on the beach at Birling were not specifically raced. One of the graellsii English race was feeding with Herring Gulls on the downland above the Cliff Path on the 29/5.
Autumn: 31/7 1 juv. feeding on the headland, 7/9 2 adults, 6/12 4 in a gull flock on Birling beach. Per B.H.Log.

Adult Lesser Black-backed Gull of the English race graellsii.

Herring Gull
2017: Always present all year, with the following counts: 13 Mar 300 over Headland chiefly immature types, 17 Mar 300 feeding in ploughed field, 8 Apr 230 feeding off Birling, 200+ feeding off Birling Gap, 18/11 300 in the Birling Gap area. Per B.H.Log.

Yellow-legged Gull
2017: Spring: 3 Apr 1 (4th cal yr in ploughed field Birling) photo (LP).

Autumn: Recorded from 8/7 to 13/8 with single juveniles reported on 5 dates with 2 juvs. on the 10/7. Majority of these were seen on Holywell beach, but on the 13/8 a juvenile was seen feeding in a field with Herring Gulls at Birling and was then seen later moving W out to sea off Birling. Per B.H.Log.

Great Black-backed Gull
2017: Spring: The only movement logged was on the 17/3 with 150 W over the cliffs. On 6/12 115   chiefly adults, were present on Birling beach. Per B.H.Log.

2017: Spring sea-watches: Recorded moving E on 20 dates from 28/1 (120 E) to 10/6 (160 E, and 26W). A total of 2,318 E with daily maxs: 9 Apr 473 E, 23 Apr 243 E.
Virtually no sea-watching was carried out during the Autumn with just 2 on the 6/12.
With the breeding colony of Kittiwakes at Seaford Head, it does prove difficult to decide if birds are actually moving or the adults from the colony are just moving to feeding grounds.
Per B.H.Log

Sandwich Tern
2017: Spring sea-watches: Recorded on 22 dates from 22/3 (9 E) to 10/6 (11 E). A total of 1,347 with daily maxs: 9/4 (540 E) and 29/4 (276 E). Virtually no sea-watching was carried out during the autumn.
Another good Spring and very similar numbers as seen in 2016. Although for comparison back in the 1970's when Spring sea-watching was often carried out all day, in excess of over 4,000 Sandwich Terns were often recorded on the Spring watches. Per B.H.Log

Roseate Tern
2017: 12/5 1 E with a party of Commics (KG.). over an hour later what was probably the same bird was seen going past Dungeness. Per B.H.Log
Our 19th record involving 26 individuals since 1960. Per B.H.Log

Common/Arctic Tern
2017: Spring sea-watches: Only recorded on just 5 dates from 9/4 (33E), to 12/5 (30 E).  A total of just 590 E.
With the general lack of observers now sea-watching from Birling and virtually all the watching is carried our during the early morning, many Commic Terns are now missed as large recent movements are recorded at other sea-watching sites during the evening when there is no one watching from Birling. Per B.H.Log.

Little Tern
2017; Spring sea-watches: Just 10 seen on the 30/4. Per B.H.Log.

Black Tern
2017; Spring sea-watches: Just 1E on the 29/4.
Our best daily total was on the 9/5/1989 when a total of 320 moving east was logged. 
Per B.H.Log.

Auk sp.
2017 Jan-Feb: Main movements: 17/1 112 E, 14/2 125 E, 15/2 c2,000+ E.
Spring sea-watches: Just recorded in small numbers on 12 dates.
Autumn virtually no sea-watches were carried out and our only sighting was on the 6/12 with 5E
Per B.H.Log

2017: Jan-Feb: Main movements: 17/1 100 E, 25/1 93 E, 14/2 144 E.
Spring sea-watches: Identified on just one date 27/5 1 E.
Autumn: One in s/p E on the 6/12 Per B.H.Log

2017: Jan-Feb: 14/2 7E,  18/2 41 E.
Spring: Just recorded on 5 dates in small numbers.
Autumn: 6/12 1 E  Per B.H.Log

2017: 12 May 1 E with 4 Guillemots @ 07.05 (JFC, RAB).
Our first record since 1998. Per B.H.Log.

Stock Dove
2017: 11/4 2 over the Old Trapping Area, 12/5 1 on the road to East Dean, 10/7 1 Birling, 24/10 1 over Birling, 1/11 6 With Wood Pigeons flying over B/T. Per B.H.Log.

Wood Pigeon
2017: Present all year, Spring: Flock of 50 on the 3/1 in the Cornish Farm field. Only Autumn movements logged: 27/10 500+, 3/11 150 moving SE,  9/11 200.  Per B.H.Log

Collared Dove

2017: Spring: Recorded on six dates all singles apart from 2 on the 6/5 over Birling. All records from the Birling area apart for 1 in the Hotel Garden on the 14/4. None logged during the Autumn.

Per B.H.Log.

Turtle Dove
2017: 3/5 1 briefly in the Old Trapping Area departed W. (LP) Per B.H.Log
Very sad that the shooting and destruction in the Mediterranean region has almost brought this fine species to the brink of extinction. In 70 years of bird-watching, this is the first year I have not recorded a Turtle Dove. It was always a pleasure in the Spring to hear its purring in Whitbread Hollow and along the Cliff Path, two of its former breeding sites in the 1970's, and in the Autumns, I would occasionally flush small parties from the then stubble fields on the Headland.


2017: Spring: Sadly none recorded this Spring. Autumn: 1 present in Shooters Bottom from 26/6 to 29/6 and a juv. present in Shooters Bottom from 23/7 to 2/8.

No repeat of the reasonable numbers seen last Autumn. Per B.H.Log.

Cuckoo at Shooters Bottom

Little Owl
2017: Spring: None recorded. In July 1 bird was present in Birling Manor Farm and on the 12/7, later it was seen with a fledged young but unfortunately, no birds have been seen subsequently.
Good news that the Little Owl has again bred on the Headland. Birling Manor Farm is a large private farm with a number of sites which are not viewable from the road and therefore it is likely that the birds could be still present. Per B.H.Log.

Little Owl sat on the wall of Birling Manor Farm.

Tawny Owl
2017: Pairs again present in Belle Tout wood where they raised at least 1 young and heard in Whitbread Hollow. The pair in Whitbread Hollow were heard all autumn, but the Belle Tout family were not recorded during the autumn although they do have a habit of hiding away.  Per B.H.Log

Tawny Owl, of the rufous form, in Belle Tout wood.

Short-eared Owl
2017: Spring: 8/5 1 over the Hollow.
Autumn: 25/8 2 flushed in Shooters Bottom, 27/8 1 Shooters Bottom, 28/8 1 Shooters Bottom,
31/8 1 Shooters Bottom, 17/9 1 near Old Trapping Area photo , 17/10 1 over the Headland. 
Probably the August Shooters Bottom birds related to just 2 individuals and the Autumn total was probably 4 different birds.  Per B.H.Log

2017: One trapped and ringed in Whitbread Hollow on the 22/8 (RDME).
Just our 11threcord, and the second this century, and the third that has now been ringed on the Headland.

2017: Spring: Just recorded on 7 dates from 19/4 (1) to 29/5 (10 E) with only a total of 24 seen all Spring.
Autumn: Recorded on 22 dates from 3/7 (1) to 18/9 (1)  Largest movements logged: 24/7 230 W in drizzle between 08.00-08.10, 25/7 c1,200 with 330 Birling moving fast W from 06.20-07.00, c800 over the Headland sheltering below the cliffs from the strong N wind at around 08.00 and c70 high in the air late morning.), 29/7 40 feeding low over bushes in the Hollow, 5/8 275 (25 W, 50 feeding over top fields and c200 Hollow), and 14/8 c180 feeding over Shooters Bottom on an ant swarm during the evening.  Per B.H.Log.

Swift in moult over Birling.

2017: 29/5 a party of 8 W @12.13 over Birling (KG),  11/7 1 over Hodcombe @ 08.00 (RHC)
Our largest party to date and since 2008 it has been recorded annually with the exception of 2010. Per B.H.Log

2017: 4 Sept 1 Shooters Bottom (LP) Per B.H.Log

Green Woodpecker

2017: Spring: A single bird recorded on 3 dates during Jan and Feb in the Birling/B/T area. Mar-May Just recorded on 9 dates chiefly singles but 2 on the 14/3 and 17/3. Autumn: A juvenile was recorded on a number of dates in the Birling/Belle Tout area with 2 on the 11/8. Singles were also seen in Whitbread Hollow and Long Down  during the autumn. . Per B.H.Log

Juvenile Green Woodpecker at Birling in July.

Great-spotted Woodpecker
2017: Spring: 19/2 1 drumming in Whitbread Hollow. Autumn: Recorded on 7 dates from  24/8 to 17/11 chiefly singles but 2 on the 25/8 with singles in Whitbread Hollow and on the Headland. Two were ringed in Whitbread Hollow.  
Per B.H.Log.

Juvenile Great-spotted Woodpecker flying over Birling.

6/11 1 over the Headland (LP), and 15/11 1 appear to come in from the sea at Birling then headed E until lost to sight (JFC).  Per B.H.Log.

2017: Jan-Feb: Good numbers seen in the set-aside field opposite Belle Tout wood as follows: 3/1 200, 13/1 200, 14/2 150, 24/2 70.
Spring: Good numbers breeding in the top fields a rough estimate of 50 pairs. On the 1/3 1 came in off the sea.
Autumn: On the 18/11 200 were estimated to be feeding in the set-a-side field  and 150 were still present on the 25/11, and 80 on the 20/12. Per B.H.Log.