Sunday, 13 March 2011

13th March,2011. Beachy Head.Overcast, dull S2.

We sea-watched from 06.30-08.15, then walked the lane at Birling, did the area from Birling to B/T lighthouse and onto the wood and walked the rough field back to Birling. Then did Chat Vale, Old Trapping Area and Hotel Garden. Met up with RKH & RES who were doing several areas on the Headland.

Red Throated Diver 48 E (all were identified).
Slavonian/Black Necked Grebe 2 w/p E and then landed on sea, but to far to i/d.
Great Crested Grebe 5 (1 E & 4 on sea).
Brent Goose 30 E
Mallard 5 E
Goldeneye 3 W (close in off Birling).
Common Scoter 23 E
Sparrowhawk 1
Med Gull 1 ad. E.
Common Gull 250 in fields at Birling.

Tawny Owl 1
Stonechat 6
Firecrest 4 (1 B/T wood, 1 Shooters Bottom & 2 Hotel Garden) Per RKH & RES.
Corn Bunting 5

Bottle Nosed Dolphin type 1 still off Birling.