Tuesday, 25 June 2013

25 June 2013 Beachy Head Fine and sunny NE 2

We visited the Head and covered all the usual sites and nice to see some butterflies on the wing.

Common Scoter 105 on the sea
Peregrine 1
Collared Dove 2 W over Birling
Swift 3
Stonechat 3 including 1 juv.
Common Whitethroat Just 8 seen on the Head.
Starling 100 virtually all juvs.
Goldfinch 4
Linnet 15
Corn Bunting 7

Common Blue 10
Adonis Blue 1 very worn near B/T wood
Small Heath 5
Speckled Wood 1
Large Skipper 2
Dingy Skipper 1

Bee Orchid 15 of the normal variety
Common Spotted Orchid 1

Fox 1

Beachy looking towards Seaford Head

Nice crop of Poppies in the rough field.

Part of the Common Scoter flock

Corn Buntings - 7 were seen today.

Male Linnet another breeding specie which is in decline at Beachy

Green Woodpecker - just a single pair on the Head.

A worn Dingy Skipper

Male Common Blue

A very worn Adonis Blue

Large Skipper


Bee Orchids - 16 were found today of the normal variety.

Silver Y moth.