Saturday, 29 June 2013

29 June 2013 Beachy Head Overcast with sunny periods but cool in the NW 3-4 wind

We covered a number of the sites on the Head including the Cliff Path. Impressive Swift passage W otherwise quiet.

Common Scoter 8 on the sea
Peregrine 1
Swift 1,320 W during the morning - Our largest daily movement since 2004.
Stonechat 4 including a second juv. for the year.
Common Whitethroat 12
Raven 7 (Family party of 5 and a pair)

Small Tortoiseshell 1
Common Blue 3
Speckled Wood 3
Large Skipper 7

Pyramidal Orchid several coming out in flower

Good passage W of Swifts this morning

Common Whitethroat near Birling

Male Stonechat - Only 4 pairs breeding this year compared with
12 pairs in the 1960's.

Raven - Family party of 5 seen today plus 1 other pair.

Adult Raven in wing moult.

 Pyramidal Orchid - Just coming into flower.

Common Spotted Orchid

Bee Orchid

Cream-spot Tiger Moth at Birling