Thursday, 12 January 2012

Beachy Head 2011 Summary No.18

2011: Up to 2 pairs present on and off all year and display was seen during the Spring. Frequent tussels with the local Peregrines were recorded and Ravens were also seen mobbing Red Kites and even hassling the Glossy Ibis. On the 3/9 6 were seen soaring in the sky with rooks, and on a number of occasions juvenile type birds were seen. Per B.H.Log.
(Since regular watching commenced in 1960, Ravens were first seen on the Headland in 1976 with a single bird which was present from April and was occasionally seen up to May 1977, although it did commute to other sites in Sussex. The next sighting was not until April 1997, when a single bird was seen on one date only. A pair were seen several times in 1999 and 2000 and breeding was confirmed on the Headland in 2001. Odd pairs have regularly bred successfully virtually annually since then).

2011: A party of 23 were seen feeding in the rough field opposite Belle Tout wood on the 27/2. Between 11/3 and 21/4 a total of 31 arrived in off the sea with a daily maximum of 11 on the 10/4. Per B.H.Log.

2011: Again recorded regularly from Whitbread Hollow/Holywell area and the only movement recorded was 2 seen at the top of the lane at Birling on the 22/11. Per B.H.Log.

2011: Jan-Feb: Birds continue to be seen in the Belle Tout to Birling Gap area (see 2010 summary) 8/1 (6 in Belle Tout wood), 30/1 (8 passed through Belle Tout wood), 12/2 (9 in Belle Tout wood), 14/2 (11 moved W up the lane at Birling.
Spring: Recorded on 9 dates up to 13/4 and probably related to the wintering birds.
Autumn: Just recorded on 3 dates with 15/10 (7 on Crowlink), 16/10 (3 in Whitbread Holywell), & 22/10 c12 above Whitbread Hollow. These do not include sightings from the BHRG. Per B.H.Log
(A wintering party is fairly unusual at Beachy, in 2008 a wintering party of 12 was recorded from Belle Tout wood from November until January, 2009 at least).

2011: Autumn: Recorded on 24 dates with 31 bird-days, from 30/7 (1 trapped ) to 20/11 (2 in Belle Tout wood). In Whitbread Hollow  different singles were ringed on the 30/7, 31/7, & 17/8.
In Belle Tout wood there was a number of records which may or may-not relate to just 2 birds: 31/7 1 seen in the wood, with 2 seen on the 6/8. 1 possibly 2 seen on the 7/8. No further sightings until 24/9 when a single bird was seen in the wood. From the 4/10 to 27/10 a single bird was recorded on 9 dates with 2 again from the 29/10 to 1/11, then just one was then  recorded on several dates to the 20/11 when 2 were again seen. One was still present in the wood on the 10/12. Per B.H.Log.
(Tree Creepers in the past have not been recorded annually and this year is without doubt been our best year to date, although all these records may in fact relate to just 5 different birds. The two seen on and off in Belle Tout wood during the Autumn now appear to be wintering and from their behaviour  may be a pair and hopefully stay to bred).