Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Beachy Head 2011 Summary No.9

I will now summarise some of the more regular Waders logged during the year:

2011: 4/6 2 in the field opposite Belle Tout wood, an unusual date. 6/11 42 arrived in off the sea, 19/11 & 17/12 1 in the rough field opposite Belle Tout wood. Per B.H.Log
(The 42 seen coming in on the 6/11 occurred with several Golden Plover arriving also a Great Grey Shrike, and both Snow and Lapland Buntings. In recent years, numbers of Lapwings have been scarce, but in the 1960's-70's they were far commoner on the Headland during the Autumn with sometimes flocks of up-to 800 have been logged).

2011: 4E on the 2/5 and a single bird W on the 17/9. Per B.H.Log
(It is strange just how few Ringed Plovers are now recorded on the sea-watches etc. especially with the Cuckmere Haven just to the West, and this probably reflects how the breeding population has suffered in the last 20 years. Since 2007, just 8 birds have been logged, while in the 1970's 10 sightings in a year was not unusual).

2011: 8/11 1 in Whitbread Hollow. Per B.H.Log
(Woodcock are not recorded annually and Whitbread Hollow is the main site).

2011: Spring sea-watches: Recorded on 12 dates from 19/3 (1 E) to the 8/5 (2E). In total 661 moved E with daily maximums of 14/4 110 E, 19/4 103 E. During the Summer 4 W on the 19/6 & 4 W on the 9/7. Also 29/7 1 calling over Whitbread Hollow & 7/8 1 W. Per B.H.Log
(The 19/3 is our earliest Spring date with our previous earliest was the 25/3/06. An excellent Spring and our best for a number of years. Our best Spring to date was in 1976 when 960 were logged including an impressive movement of 488 on the 19/4).


2011: Recorded from the 17/4 to 9/5 . In total 1,035 were recorded moving E. with a daily maximum of 507 E on the 2/5.  Per B.H.Log
(In the last 10 years or so, very poor numbers have been logged during the Spring sea-watches but back in the 70's several thousand were logged annually on the Spring sea-watches and in 1962 a spectacular movement  on the 27 & 28/4  when  combined totals of approx.10,000 moved East past Cow Gap).

2011: 20/8 Two moved over the Headland. Per B.H.Log
(Only our second record this Century although back in the 1960's, when we were camping in the Hollow, they were virtually annual with birds heard calling during the night. On two occasions parties of 5 have been flushed from the dew ponds on the Head).

2011: 22/4 2 over Birling & 2/9 1 going over the Headland. Per B.H.Log
(Our first records since 2007).


2011: Recorded on 4 dates during early May with 63E on the 2/5, 16E on the 4/5, 3E on the 5/5 & 2E on the 7/5 PerB.H.Log
(Surprising our first records since 2006. In 1990, 428 were recorded during May).

2011: Just three records with 1 E on the 17/4, 2 E on the 18/4 & 1E on the 2/5. Per B.H.Log
(A poor Spring although they are not recorded annually).

2011: A single bird was flushed from the rough field opposite Belle Tout wood on the 25/4 and departed E. (D.Cooper & B. Kay). Per B.H.Log
(Our 14th record since 1960, although 7 of these were seen in the 1960’s and this is our first record since 2005).

2011: On the 24/10 1 past Birling moving E and then returned W close in. (J.F.Cooper, Mrs D.R.Cooper & P. Netherway). Per B.H.Log
(Our first record for the Headland since regular watching commenced in 1960, and lets hope Red Necked Phalarope follows in the near future).