Saturday, 11 August 2012

11 August 2012 Beachy Head Fine & sunny E 3-4

Although the high pressure remains over the country the isobars were closer together over Southern England resulting in stronger E. winds. Generally fewer night migrants were seen today although Wheatear numbers had increased with 32 being counted in a single cut-grass field.
We covered all the areas on the Headland, JK. joined us at Birling and we also met up with Pete and Mim as well as RK.:

Grey Heron 1 W off Birling
Sparrowhawk 3
Collared Dove 1
Great Spotted Woodpecker 3
Sand Martin 2
House Martin 1
Swallow 40 E
Common Redstart 2-3 in Chat Vale
Whinchat 1 in Chat Vale
Wheatear 40
Sedge Warbler 2
Reed Warbler 1
Common Whitethroat 31
Blackcap 1
Willow Warbler 20

Wall Butterfly 2
Silver Spotted Skipper 2
Marbled White 1 

 1st W. Whitethroat at Birling

Fewer Willow Warblers seen today

Sedge Warbler at Birling


One of Forty Wheatears present on the Headland 


Wall Butterfly on Icky Ridge