Monday, 17 March 2014

17 March 2014 Beachy Head Fine sunny warm WSW 1-2

We met up with Bob and sea-watched from 06.35-8.05. We then covered all the main areas on the Headland including Hodcombe and Bob covered Whitbread Hollow and Cow Gap as well. We also met up with Richard B. and Roger and Liz in Hodcombe.
Sea-watch again very quiet the main interest was the arrival of 10 Red Kites on the Headland.

Red-throated Diver 5 E
Gannet 15 E
Canada Goose 4 W
Common Scoter 9 E
Red Kite 10 (5 arrived in off the sea and then W and 5 drifted W over Hodcombe)
Common Buzzard 2 over the Top fields
Peregrine 2
Meadow Pipit 15
Alba Wagtail 1 in off the sea
Stonechat 4
Wheatear 2 males
Song Thrush 2
Chiffchaff 8
Jay 2
Goldfinch 11
Corn Bunting 1

Peacock 1
Small Tortoiseshell 5
Brimstone 1

Red Kites over Hodcombe